Department of Physics



April 16, 2019 at the Department of Physics in the framework of the XXIII International Youth Forum “Radio Electronics and Youth in the XXI Century” a conference was held 2 “Automated systems and computerized instrumentation technologists”. The reports submitted to section 3 “Physical processes in radio electronics, computer equipment and instrument making” (Head of the Department Kovalenko E.N., secretary assistant professor Meshkov SN) were heard. 8 reports were reported. Most of the reports were devoted to the practical application of thermal imaging in modern science, technology, as well as everyday life. This was a confirmation of the fact that many speakers actively participated in the work of the group “Thermal control and its provision”.

The following reports were noted:

– students gr. AKTSI-18-1 Milko D.V., Chernyshenko A.V. “Using a thermal imager to optimize the heat generation of an induction heater” (1st  place). In addition to the report, a working model was demonstrated.

– students gr. ІТШІ-18-1 Grishaeva A.N. “The use of thermal imaging in energy-saving technologies” (2nd  place).

– Students of AKTСI-18-2 Vyshvanyuk S.V. “RFID technology. Development and applications. (3rd. place).The reports aroused great interest among the listeners, which resulted in discussions on some issues raised in the reports.

Three reports with updates and additions were recommended at the KPI Regional Scientific Student Conference.