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Profession Fair

Entering KNURE, the entrant can imagine only possible guidelines for their future work, career prospects and employment. One of the most popular questions from applicants: “Who can I work with after graduation?”
We invite KNURE entrants on June 14-17 at 10.00 on the YouTube channel NURE TV to a meeting with employers for each educational program in the online marathon “Profession Fair. Choose your future profession with KNURE”.
Employers of each educational program will advise how to choose your future profession in KNURE and provide answers to the following questions:
Where can KNURE graduates work?
What are the features of the future profession of a graduate of each educational program?
What are the prospects for professional growth in this profession?
How do employers choose the best candidate for the job?
What skills and knowledge do you need to become an expert?
What additional Soft Skills are valued?
June 14
June 15
June 16
June 17
We will talk about all this on July 14-17 on the NURE TV channel, and very soon we will announce the program every day, so that you do not miss the professions and educational programs that interest you the most.
Choose your profession of the future in the First among the best!
Don’t forget to ask your questions to employers and take part in the quiz to win interesting prizes from KNURE and Kharkiv IT cluster!